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Videos October 3, 2007



One Response to “Videos”

  1. Anna Says:

    Your video 8 Skin Care Items Every Girl Should Have is great. Wow, I remember using similar products in my teens and college years. Basic skin care should take care of your skin and need not be expensive. I noticed you didn’t mention any SPF products (or maybe I missed it… sorry I have 2 young kids). Do you have any products that have a sunscreen in it? One thing I still have in my regimen is a sunscreen/sunblock (whether is was in my daytime moisturizer / foundation or separate sunscreen… I use one from Neutrogena ).

    Using an SPF daily, along with good basic skin regimen will help keep our skin looking its best as long as you can. The sun’s ultraviolet rays does alot damage over time… from freckling, age spots, uneven/redness, wrinkles (breakdown of the collagen in the skin) etc. Twenty years from now, it will make difference… won’t look your age or look younger (trust me).

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