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Getting the Most Out of Your Shower October 3, 2007

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I like to take my daily shower in the evening. I think it makes more sense than showering in the mornings because a.) who wants to get into bed dirty? and b.) showing in the morning is a pain when I’m half asleep and cold. Note: you shouldn’t shower at night if you have insomnia – it’s too stimulating.

Now, how should you go about doing all the things you do in the shower? Maybe you haven’t thought about it before, but there really is a certain way you should shower.

You should start by getting wet all over. Don’t wait to wet your hair right before you wash it, it needs time to get really wet.┬áThis will make it easier to get shampoo through your hair.

Next, wash your body while your hair is soaking up the water. Since I shower in the evenings, I also sometimes wash/exfoliate my face in the shower. This is the time for that.

Then shampoo your hair. You only need to shampoo once. Yep, that’s right. =) Rinse and use conditioner. I strongly, strongly recommend you use conditioner if you don’t use a 2 in 1. I know a lot of people skip conditioning but it really is important. It will soften your hair and keep it from getting full of static. If you are really pressed for time, you can mix conditioner in with your shampoo – just put a little of both in your hands and then wash your hair.

After applying conditioner, shave while it is soaking into you hair. Don’t shave first thing in the shower because if you wait for the hair to become saturated with water (takes 2 or 3 minutes) the hair will cut easier.

Now rinse the conditioner out of your hair and you’re done! And with no wasted time.