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Favorite Sites October 3, 2007

Beauty and Makeup Blogs



Pursebuzz.com – The one and the only! =)

NecessaryMakeup.comThis lovely gal has a great blog and she sells MAC pigment samples for $3 (which includes shipping) for those in the US (price for international folks varies).



Professionalmakeup.com – Interested in becoming a professional makeup artist? Here’s a blog with great info for you!

TheMineralMakeup.com – Lots of good info about all the mineral makeup out there.






Eyeslipsface.com – Makeup for a buck? You bet.

CherryCultre.com– They have a lot of fun brands (including NYX), many of which are inexpensive. They also have discounted prices on a lot of their items.

BeautyBoutique.com – Up to 90% off beauty items.

HotCouture.comAmazing clothes, $15 or less!!

15DollarStore.com – Really cute stuff, and everything is $15 no matter what. You can get AMAZING deals on coats here.

EverydayMinerals.com – Quality mineral makeup at affordable prices.


2 Responses to “Favorite Sites”

  1. shortbread Says:

    Wow I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for adding distressedDERMA to you favorite sites ::)

    Great post on Coco Mademoiselle. I love all things Chanel. I’ve just started reading an intriguing Chanel biography and though Coco was famous for her fashion, it was her perfumes that launched her into legend.

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