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Exfoliation Revisited. March 3, 2008

I just wanted to talk about exfoliation again because I’ve learned some new things about it since I talked about it last year.

The main thing that I want to mention is that you shouldn’t be exfoliating very often or with anything harsh if you have sensitive skin because it is really, really irritating for the skin and can bring on more problems than it’s worth.

A rash is not the only thing that indicates sensitive skin. In addition to more allergic reactionish things, broken veins, redness, and even acne are signs that your skin is delicate. You can have just one symptom or all of them – and anywhere in between. So, if you have any of those symptoms or any combination of them, you really need to rethink skin care.

I personally have sensitive skin and I have dropped exfoliating down to only once a week.  I still feel like I need a little help since I do have dry skin, but I don’t want to be too rough. I definitely wouldn’t want to use a brush or anything super harsh to my poor skin (that’s not really all the recommended anyway).

So, take a closer look at your skin and decide whether you think you need to continue exfoliating.


Tips for Those with Dry Skin October 6, 2007

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I, unfortunately, know all about dry skin from experience. It can be so frustrating to deal with. Thankfully, there are things to do that can really improve the health and appearance of your dry skin.

The number one thing you need if you have dry skin is a face wash that exfoliates. This will get rid of the embarrassing flakiness that is such a plague when you have dry skin. People with other types of skin typically only need to exfoliate once or twice a week … but we dry skin sufferers may need it more often to keep our skin healthy, particularly in winter. Do whatever works best for your skin.

I’ve noticed that the dry, flakiness on the forehead can extend even into the skin under our eyebrows, so make sure to exfoliate in that area as well, being careful not to get anything in your eyes.

A great thing to do that I learned from Michelle Phan is to use an electric toothbrush with your exfoliating face wash. 

If you have sensitive as well as dry skin, make sure any exfoliation product you use is specifically for sensitive skin.

Stay away from thick stick foundation/concealer. These don’t mix well with dry skin. Use liquid or mineral makeup.